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Some gold shops are changing how they show prices. Instead of using paper tags that take time to write, they are using stickers that can be printed. These price tags are popular for jewelry.

Stickers make the store look modern and professional. They’re printed by a machine, so no messy handwriting. Plus, it’s easy to read. If you are interested, we also offer those printers in the Barcode printer tab.

Moreover, stickers help prevent unprofessional alterations of price tags since they are less prone to tearing. Once printed, the ink does not smear or erase.

Customers can even print barcodes on the stickers. This helps a lot with inventory.

Price labels come in many colors and designs. You can choose what suits your jewelry. They help organize your gold shop, like sorting by weight or type.

We have 19 standard sizes, but you can order custom ones starting from 15,000 pieces. You can have your store logo on them with the same MOQ. Switching to printed jewelry tags costs less than 10,000 baht or 300 USD. It’s a simple way to make your store look professional.


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